Zebra Tales
Hanna '27

Grand Mosque, Humble Defeat

Stepping off the plane in Kuwait felt like stepping into a world woven with my own history. After my first year at Groton, I came back to my home country with a fresh lens.
The first stop on my journey was a place close to my soul—the mosque that bore my family's name. Standing there, I felt a profound connection to my roots. The elegance of its architecture mirrored the elegance of the generations that came before me. It was as if the mosque whispered stories of faith, strength, and unity that have shaped our family's journey.

But my exploration of Kuwait wasn't limited to my family's legacy. Armed with curiosity, I set out to discover the heart of this dynamic city. The bustling markets, fragrant with spices and colors, showcased Kuwait's vibrant spirit. From traditional souks to modern malls, I found myself lost in a sensory wonderland that bridged past and present.

An unexpected highlight of the trip was a friendly squash match with my brother. Little did I know that this innocent game would turn into a nail-biting showdown, ending with my brother's triumphant 16-14 victory. As much as I tried to save face, the defeat came with relentless gloating and jokes that left us both laughing.

Beyond the city's bustling streets, Kuwait offered glimpses of its storied history. Just outside my apartment, a proud relic of Bedouin heritage stood tall - a fort that had weathered the sands of time. As I walked beside it, I imagined the stories it held - tales of resilience and the whispers of travelers who once sought refuge within its walls.

Kuwait, with its rich tapestry of experiences, showed me that it's more than a destination; it's a chapter of my life waiting to be written. As I boarded the plane to leave, I carried the spirit of Kuwait with me, a reminder that every journey holds the promise of new beginnings and cherished connections.